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Abby Ehmcke

Associate Consultant, Visual Designer


Abby has four years of experience in visual brand design working in roles at nonprofit organizations and tech startups. Prior to Leapgen, Abby created various visual designs – from social media graphics to print catalogues to UI wireframes – for a remote advertising agency. She designed brand identity guides and marketing collateral as well as developed marketing campaigns to promote and fundraise for new programs and organizations.

Abby has a Bachelors in Fine Arts in Graphic Design and a Certificate in Product Innovation from Virginia Commonwealth University. She currently lives in Richmond, Virginia where she drinks an unhealthy amount of coffee, browses books at the public library, and keeps a Spotify playlist running at all times.

Role & Areas of Expertise

Visual Designer; Visual and brand design

I Wish I Were Better at...

Any kind of video or board game; I always seem to have the worst luck
Always willing to talk about...

Music / Podcasts Ghost stories Food / Restaurants Theatre
Quirky Fact

I can definitely beat you at foosball but that’s as far as my “athletic” ability goes
Unpopular Opinion

Winter is better than summer (in Virginia at least, sorry Minnesotans)

INFJ | Type 4 | Aries
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