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Alishia Salmon is driven by helping others while improving systems and processes that make work better for all. Prior to Leapgen, she worked at Hilton Corporate helping lead their Digital HR Team. Through this position she gained a love for process improvement by streamlining communication within the department and implementing trainings and processes for Hilton’s Digital HR team. Alishia has also been a corporate events coordinator and planned, hundreds of large corporate events all over the country. She executed all marketing, ticket sales, speaker hosting, recognition and vendor management for events 500 to 5000. Other experience includes being a member of an Executive Team of seven at an organization of 100+ employees, there Alishia lead a team of 15 and focused on building positive culture for the organization.

Alisha is married to David, has two children, Olivia and Britain and Hudson the Goldendoodle. She enjoys all things pop culture, Starbucks, soccer and playing board games with her family. She lives in Dallas but spends a lot of time in Minnesota and Wisconsin where she is originally from.

Role & Areas of Expertise

Operations, Project Management, Administration, Execution

I Wish I Were Better at...

Keeping my inbox at zero, math, musical instruments.
Always willing to talk about...

NYC, Sports, Food, Travel, Pop culture
Quirky Fact

I moved 21 times before I was 21.
Unpopular Opinion

Cheerleading is not a sport. It’s athletic but not a sport.
Pet Peeve

People driving slow in the fast lane or moving slow in general.
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