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Aziza Young

Senior Consultant, Digital Workforce Experience Advisor


Aziza Young is a results-driven, professional with expertise in advising organizations on Human Capital concepts, driving the achievement of strategic business goals in multi-industry environments. Aziza’s value has been to enable senior leaders to understand the value and impact of transforming their organization through Project Management, Change Management and Technology Adoption.

Aziza brings extensive consulting experience in developing enterprise-wide IT and workforce transformation strategies. Adept in managing and delivering work to analyze workforce development, financial impact, compliance, risk, technical solutions, and systems implementations. Partnered with software developers, product leaders, infrastructure teams as a technical project/program manager to implement the strategic programmatic direction, goals, and outcomes.

Role & Areas of Expertise

Principal Consultant & Digital HR Advisor; Background in Change Management enabled by technology adoption

I Wish I Were Better at...

Not feeling the need to be multitasking everything.
Always willing to talk about...

How Human Capital work impacts technology decisions and vice versa. Nuances for consulting in the Federal, State and local government.
Quirky Fact

I love working out and I’m extremely competitive.
Unpopular Opinion

Participation medals in any competition or sport should NOT exist.

After two years of covid I’m now an ISTJ - I’m a social introvert.
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