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Brad Severson

Vice President of Client Engagement


Brad Severson leads our Customer Engagement Program. With over 20 years of experience, Brad is passionate about Service Excellence and fostering client relationships to ensure successful outcomes and lasting relationships. His career experience includes broad exposure to diverse organizations including financial, consumer, retail, technology, medical, transportation, nonprofit and food industries.

Role & Areas of Expertise

Client Engagement, Service Excellence

I Wish I Were Better at...

Taking time to read. I Like to read but, rarely dedicate the time or mind space to do it.
Always willing to talk about...

The cabin. I love spending time in Northern Minnesota on the lake
Quirky Fact

I was once "featured" on a 48' x 14' billboard in Austin, TX.
Passion Topic

I love to point out when people provide exceptional service. It may be the house painter, the person in the drive thru or the checker at the grocery store... tell people when they do a good job - it makes a difference!
Unpopular Opinion

I LOVE candy corn... and it's amazing with peanuts!
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