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Cameron O’Brien

Associate Consultant, Digital Workforce Experience Advisor


As an associate consultant, Cameron O’Brien states his “why” behind work is to help others become their better selves and their teams reach their fullest potential. “Work for many is more than just a paycheck. I want to help people find fulfillment in their careers, which in turn will have a positive cascading effect on the employees and their team’s lives.”

Professionally, Cameron has used his skills to influence a score of HR strategic work in industries such as non-profit (Ronald McDonald House), manufacturing (Vitamix), and the financial services industry with PNC. During his professional pursuit, Cameron completed 6 years of service with the Air National Guard.

He currently lives in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. In his off time, you can find Cameron cooking international dishes, playing with his two dogs, or planning his next vacation or hiking trip. In the coming years, he hopes to visit as many countries and national parks as possible and explore other cultures through food and art.

Role & Areas of Expertise

Associate Consultant; HR Generalist Practices

I Wish I Were Better at...

Cutting my own hair during the pandemic
Always willing to talk about...

My dogs, international culture, and horror movies
Quirky Fact

I was a collegiate high diver at BW
Unpopular Opinion

Mondays off are better than Fridays off

INTJ (but I would consider myself an ambivert)
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