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Chie Davis is a Social Media & Content Marketing Strategist for Leapgen. She develops growth strategies and spearheads social campaigns to help increase the digital impact of the brand. Chie maintains Leapgen’s social media calendar, manages content creation, copywriting, social post scheduling, and engagement across Leapgen’s Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram platforms.

Chie is also a multimedia journalist that has written, edited, and produced news and lifestyle content for major media outlets and online spaces including USA TODAY, Wochit, and The Huffington Post.

When not working on Leapgen deliverables, the California-based mom of two enjoys writing about mom-life meets plant-based life on her blog:

Role & Areas of Expertise

Social Media Strategy

Spirit Animal

Bird. (Birds freak me out, but still feel a kinship to them.)
Always willing to talk about...

Vegan life
Quirky Fact

I was almost eaten by a 700 pound tiger named Conan.
Unpopular Opinion

Brussels Sprouts are life!
Pet Peeve

Slow drivers who drive in the fast lane
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