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Dave is an experience strategist and futurist with over 20 years of experience at the intersection of brand strategy, technology, and experience design. He enjoys helping companies to drive success by enabling their people to be and become their best selves at work, no matter where work happens.

Dave comes to Leapgen from Nike, where he was the Senior Director of Service Innovation; a cross-disciplinary team of experts in research, experience design, content, digital prototyping, and analytics who worked to identify, understand, and address causes of friction and disengagement among Nike’s 75,000+ employees globally.

Dave came to HR via several years of work in consumer experience, helping brands like adidas, Microsoft, Texas Instruments, GM, GlaxoSmithKline, AT&T, Intel, and GE along the way.

Dave lives in Portland, Oregon, where he spends time playing in the dirt and snow with family and friends whenever possible.

Role & Areas of Expertise

Principal Consultant; Experience design and digital strategy.

I Wish I Were Better at...

Saying no.
Always willing to talk about...

You first. Then probably sports, comedy, music, and cars.
Quirky Fact

I was a singing waiter.
Pet Peeve

Homeowners’ associations. ...Does he really have nothing better to do than to put me on notice for leaving my garbage cans out for an extra few hours? We’re in a pandemic, for Pete’s sake!

A “Campaigner” (ENFP-A), I’m curious, creative, outgoing, empathetic, and I love a big idea!
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