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David Guazzarotto is one of Australia’s leading authorities on HR, talent, and technology. Highly respected as a global keynote speaker, thought leader, consultant, and change leader, David is also a host of the Humans of HR podcast.

David brings more than 20 years of experience as an advisor and change leader in people management, worker experience, and technology with expertise in both the Australian and global HR Technology markets. He has provided Digital HR strategy and leadership to enterprises and solution providers, aiding digital transformation efforts and advancing talent strategies to meet the needs of modern enterprise. Prior to joining Leapgen, David served as the CEO of Future Knowledge, a top Digital HR advisory firm in Australia and New Zealand, and was a Vice President at Alight Solutions in the same region.

In recent times, David has advised on digital transformation initiatives for Rio Tinto, Macquarie Bank, City of Melbourne, City of Casey, Cricket Australia and UniSA.

Role & Areas of Expertise

Managing Director Asia Pacific Digital HR strategy, work futurist, experience evangelist, coaching, podcasting, public speaking

I Wish I Were Better at...

Saying "No"
Always willing to talk about...

The human side of life and work, anything sporting related, and how good it is to live in Australia
Bad Habit

Leaving things to the last minute
Passion Topic

Cricket Formula 1, Food & Wine, Community Sport

ENFP and ADHD(!)
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