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Eve Gourgoulis

Executive Director (APAC)


Eve Gourgoulis is a forward-thinking Talent Leader with deep expertise across talent acquisition, and a key focus on attraction, selection, onboarding and mobility, using a human-centred design approach and agile project management principles.

Over the last 14 years, Eve has led talent acquisition strategy and transformation projects, operational delivery teams, the implementation of HR technology, and major HR change initiatives to drive operational excellence, competitive advantage, and organisational value.

Eve has worked across leading Global and Australian organisations in Logistics, Aviation, Retail, Health, Banking, Mining and Utilities, and in rapidly changing, complex environments that have geographically dispersed and culturally diverse workforces.

Recent engagements includes advisory work on a global onboarding redesign and technology implementation project, talent pipeline & recruitment systems selection and deployment, and AI-powered talent platform selection and implementation for external and internal careers, including chatbot and real-time analytics.

Role & Areas of Expertise

Talent Strategist - everything you need to know about talent acquisition - connecting people, purpose & technology

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Reading a map when travelling, sometimes you just have to stay on the main road
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Anything to do with talent experience & tech transformation, oh and Greece - food, culture, beaches, travel destinations
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Love to dance
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Pineapple does go on pizza

Definitely curious, seek to understand, full of energy
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