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James Phillips

Project Management Office & Services Operations Leader


James has over 20 years experience working within digital and consulting contexts. While he started as a developer, he quickly moved into business analysis and project management roles. As a PM with Accenture, James led a wide range of projects, from custom business applications to large package implementations, geospatial systems to infrastructure projects. He also managed a variety of departments and teams, including Web Services, Enterprise Content Management, and the Project Management Office (PMO).

James’ career then transitioned as part of a move to a digital transformation agency. Within this environment, James held a variety of roles, including Director of Operations, Chief Information Officer, and VP People & Culture. It was within this context that James gained valuable experience in the ongoing people and HR operations within organizations. During this time, James also provided strategic consulting to a range of clients undergoing digital transformation journeys.

James has experience working with clients across a wide range of industries, including utilities, government, healthcare, education, financial services, non-profit, and the private sector.

James holds a BSc (Biology) degree, as well as a Master’s degree in Leadership. He is also a certified Project Management Professional (PMP). Based on the west coast of Canada, James enjoys spending time outdoors in the forests and mountains surrounding Vancouver.

Role & Areas of Expertise

Client Partner & Team Lead; Org design, Org culture, Systems thinking, Project Management

I Wish I Were Better at...

Downhill & backcountry skiing (I just do basic XC)
Always willing to talk about...

Systems thinking, org design, leadership and culture!
Bad Habit

Reaching for my phone when I first wake up in the morning
Pet Peeve

When people leave their car idling while parked

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