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Jaycee Grider

Marketing Design Associate


Jaycee is a passionate creative and has worked in the marketing communications industry for three years with expertise in photography and visual design, multimedia marketing, and event operations. She supports Leapgen’s strategic growth in amplifying our values through digital storytelling and extending content distribution to our audience.

As a Marketing Design Associate, she strives to provide adaptability and apply her multitasking skills to sustain high-level, success-driven solutions to increase and enhance Leapgen’s digital presence.

Born and raised in Northern Nevada, Jaycee received her BA in Journalism from the University of Nevada, Reno. She enjoys hiking, cozying up with a book, and documenting her surroundings with her favorite analog camera, a Pentax 645 named Penne.

Role & Areas of Expertise

Visual communications, photography, videography, podcasting.

I Wish I Were Better at...

All art mediums! And dispelling my inner perfectionist so that I can create freely.
Always willing to talk about...

Italy! And anything camera related.
Spirit Animal

(Insect) Praying Mantis!
Unpopular Opinion

The cold is good for you! My boyfriend is a Wim hof Method Instructor

Curious, compassionate, creative
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