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Jess is passionate about empowering organizations to foster cultures of community, belongingness, and inclusion through digital transformation.

Jess has 7+ years of experience as a project manager and consultant in partnering with benefits brokers and mid to enterprise clients on a variety of HR technology initiatives.

Jess lives in Sewanee, Tennessee where she and her family hike, kayak, and relish in outdoor adventures. She recently became a foster parent and is an advocate for workplace, family, and child wellbeing. Jess is pursuing her Master’s Degree in Liberal Arts at Middle Tennessee State University and earned the Project Management Professional (PMP) designation in 2020. She supports SheJumps, a nonprofit organization that encourages women and girls to participate in outdoor activities.

Role & Areas of Expertise

Global Solution Provider Engagement Manager: Project Management, Process Improvements, HCM Solution Selection

I Wish I Were Better at...

Always willing to talk about...

Mental Health, Trauma, Dogssssss, Hiking, Books, True Crime Podcasts (SSDGM), and Culture
Quirky Fact

I once rode a horse through the drive-thru at Wendy’s #smalltownamerica
Unpopular Opinion

A bowl of cereal is the best midnight snack… cereal is not a breakfast food.

INFJ, Adventurous, Analytical, 100% Libra
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