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Jessica Cheung

Senior Advisor & Client Partner


Jessica Cheung works as a digital HR consultant at Leapgen, using her extensive 10+ years of relevant experience to assist and consult many of our global clients. Jessica got her start in the HR tech space over a decade ago at ADP in the global/multinational payroll and HCM division, and she has actively been working to change the corporate world ever since. Some of her recent previous work experience includes jobs at The Marcus Buckingham Company and most recently, Ceridian.

Jessica is extremely passionate about solving big problems, connecting people and ideas, and making the world better than it was yesterday. When she’s not talking about position management, RFP responses, global payroll, and career journeys, you can find Jessica at a Toronto Maple Leafs game with her son or on the computer planning her next great adventure!

Role & Areas of Expertise

Sr. Digital Advisor & Client Partner; Global HCM, Global Payroll, Talent Management, Global Storytelling, GTM Strategy

I Wish I Were Better at...

Remembering all the characteristics of dinosaurs (what’s the difference between a Stegosaurus vs. an Ankylosaurus?
Always willing to talk about...

Hockey (GO LEAFS!), Travel (always planning my next adventure), my kid!
Passion Topic

Traveling, Food, Wine (even better when they’re all together!)
Quirky Fact

Deathly afraid of birds… will cross the street to avoid them.

INFJ; Enneagram 2; Total Ambivert
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