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Kelly Zimmerman

Senior Consultant, Engagement Program Manager


Kelly Zimmerman is a digital HR consultant with over 25 years of experience in administration and management of Human Resources, Benefits and Payroll in a variety of industries, gaining in-depth knowledge of the entire life cycle of the employee from an employer perspective. Kelly has utilized several HR & ERP technology platforms as well as implemented new HR technology.

For the past seven years, Kelly has been supporting clients with evaluating their current HR technology state and assisting in developing short- and long-term digital strategies along with procurement activities. She is known for her broad knowledge in HR law and policy as well as its application to processes and technology.

Kelly received her Organization, Leadership & Supervision degree from Purdue University and has earned her PHR Certification and Tennessee Insurance License in Life & Health.

She lives outside of Ocala, Florida with her husband and two dogs, close to her two grown sons and only granddaughter.

Role & Areas of Expertise

Consultant; HR Practitioner, Applying technology to processes - especially Core HR (payroll, TK; ATS; OB, BA)

I Wish I Were Better at...

Everything (I am an imperfect perfectionist)
Spirit Animal

Horse (beautiful, strong, loyal, will carry you where you need to go)
Quirky Fact

I don’t like chocolate
Unpopular Opinion

Opinions are like pennies: everyone has them and nobody wants anyone else's
Bad Habit

Buying shoes (over 300 wearable pairs currently, reduced from 500)
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