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Kendra Copithorne

Consultant, Digital HR Advisor


Kendra is a Digital HR Solutions Consultant with nine years experience in the HR Operations and Technology space. Her background has focused on the deployment of Applicant Tracking Systems, case management system and content portal. During her time at Mass General Brigham, as the Shared Services Program Manager, Kendra  supported several systems including ServiceNow where she operationalized the centralized deployment of ServiceNow Case Management to HR groups across different affiliated organizations, including but not limited to security setup and training.  Additionally, she has worked through the transition of HR operating models.

Kendra is passionate about process improvement and leveraging existing system functionality, or evaluating new technology, to alleviate current state pain points and inefficiencies. This experience and passion enable her to connect with teams and provide creative solutions.

Kendra earned her Bachelor of Science in Management and Psychology from Keene State College and her Masters of Business Administration from Boston College. She grew up in New England but currently calls Charlotte, NC home.

Role & Areas of Expertise

Digital HR Solutions Consultant; ATS, Case & Content Management, Process Improvement, HR Shared Services

I Wish I Were Better at...

Singing and dancing…but that unfortunately doesn’t stop me
Always willing to talk about...

Restaurant & Travel Recommendations
Quirky Fact

I get embarrassed extremely easily
Pet Peeve

Repetitive Sounds.
Passion Topic

Food Insecurity
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