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Kyle Holliday is a solution minded LeapNow program specialist with a passion for finding “people first” answers to complex business problems. Kyle is focused on helping clients provide meaningful support to employees and creating experiences that mirror those outside the workplace. His passion for HR and Learning/Development are continuing to help shape the way Leapgen supports LeapNow clients and continue to grow the LeapNow offering.

Prior to joining Leapgen, Kyle worked at Align Technology in the Global Talent team where he worked to ensure that employee facing platforms and learning opportunities were people centric. In addition to supporting LeapNow clients, Kyle also provides insights and guidance on learning experiences and HR technology solutions.

Kyle lives in Holly Springs, NC (Raleigh area) with his wife, Amy, and daughters Grace Ann and Libby Kate. He earned his B.S. in Business Administration and M.B.A. from East Carolina University.

Role & Areas of Expertise

LeapNow Product Specialist; HR Learning Technology and Org. Dev.

I Wish I Were Better at...

DIY, fixing things and wanting to do yard work.
Always willing to talk about...

Food, movies, travel and sneakers
Quirky Fact

I hold a guinness world record
Unpopular Opinion

BBQ is a food group, not an activity.

ENFJ and Strengths finders top 5 are Achiever, Woo, Positivity, Belief and Includer
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