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Marissa Franco brings over 10 years sales and client management experience to Leapgen. Prior to joining the Leaper family, Marissa worked for various financial technology firms where she managed strategic partnerships and drove enterprise growth. She is passionate about bringing new clients into the Leapgen family and supporting them throughout their journey; through engagements and beyond.

She holds a Master’s of Business Administration from Rollins College and a Bachelor of Arts in Communications from University of South Florida.

Marissa enjoys traveling with her husband and two children, Lily and Liam. She’s a technology lover and dedicated yogi.

Role & Areas of Expertise

VP Client Engagement & Growth; Sales, Relationship Management, Internal alignment and sales strategy, small talk, yoga and wellness

I Wish I Were Better at...

Saying no, I am a pleaser and love a FULL plate. Folding a fitted sheet
Passion Topic

Health and Wellness — I am a certified yoga teacher and practice often. I love all things health and am very into healthy substitutes in cooking/baking. Mental health and wellbeing is a big passion and something i love reading about.
Quirky Fact

I was Miss Jazz Tampa Bay back in my singing hay days. Now I enjoy singing to my kids and know just about every Disney song
Unpopular Opinion

I like the smell of gasoline. Window down at the gas station
Spirit Animal

A Wolf. I am protective, loyal, instinctive and all about the pack! woof!
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