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Paul Moran has over 20 years experience implementing, managing and optimising HR and Payroll solutions, including over 10 years managing HR operations. Paul is a passionate advocate for how contemporary HR technology and quality data can enable efficient processes and seamless, personalised experiences, allowing employees to focus on their purpose.

Paul has helped many organisations transform HR, both as an internal practitioner and as a consultant at Ascender, Alight and now Leapgen. Paul has led the deployment of HR and Payroll solutions, including PageUp, Workday and Ascender as well as operational optimization solutions such as Appian BPM and Confluence Wiki to reimagine HR processes and practices. He is a certified Workday Project Manager.

Recently Paul has focussed his career on partnering with organisations and developing long standing relationships to drive digital HR transformation. He works collaboratively with organisations to reveal the opportunities the right mindset, people, processes and technology will provide. With this in mind, he can quickly identify the value that can be unlocked to create robust Digital HR strategies, roadmaps and business cases to ensure their transformation is successful. Paul lives in Adelaide, Australia with his wife and two sons.

Role & Areas of Expertise

Chief Security Officer

I Wish I Were Better at...

Sticking to a habit…
Always willing to talk about...

Travel, Family, Motorsport (F1 especially), sailing and LiverpoolFC
Quirky Fact

My first name isn’t Paul
Pet Peeve

Sprinklers running when it's just rained or about to rain

Friendly, enthusiastic, curious & adaptable
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