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Peggy Roos

Senior Consultant, Design & Change


Peggy Roos is an organizational change management and design consultant and brings deep HR experience in both corporate HR and outsourcing roles.

Peggy started her career in traditional HR Business Partner roles in healthcare, retail, and software technology companies. She then transitioned into HR outsourcing where she shifted to an operational focus within HR, specializing in large Talent & HR outsourcing initiatives where she focused on identifying best practices, evaluating emerging innovative trends/tools in the marketplace, and assessed industry benchmarks to drive continuous improvement. Additionally, she implemented process re-engineering, tool transformation and HR shared service implementation strategies along with designing analytics and digital solutions to create improvements in candidate and employee experiences, employment branding, performance, and retention.

Peggy also led global experimentation projects to test new concepts and identify leading practices in employee performance, culture, and career development with a lens on diversity and inclusion.

Role & Areas of Expertise

Design, Engagement Manager; Service delivery, experience design, and talent acquisition

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