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Rachel Hendricks

Consultant, Digital Workforce Experience Advisor


Rachel Hendricks is an organizational change and design consultant with a passion for people-first processes.

Rachel started her career within HR Operations, specifically performing process improvement and applying change methodologies. During this time, Rachel earned her Six Sigma Green Belt and became a certified Change Management Practitioner. As a founding member of her previous organization’s change management office, Rachel is well versed in not only building change as an enterprise competency, but also strategizing for and reinforcing adoption.

Rachel holds Master’s degrees in both Business Management and Public Administration from the University of Nevada. She lives in Reno, NV with her husband, Mason, and their two dogs. Outside of work, Rachel can be found on her yoga mat, in her garden, or deep in a book.

Role & Areas of Expertise

OCM & Design Consultant; change management, process improvement, communications

I Wish I Were Better at...

Sense of direction; I truly cannot fathom life before Apple Maps
Always willing to talk about...

Trivia! My brain is a vault for useless information.
Quirky Fact

I got in my first car accident the day I got my permit… in my mom’s company car.
Unpopular Opinion

Condiments are gross. That includes Ranch, salsa, ketchup, mayo, all of it.
Pet Peeve

Automated phone systems that try to direct your call.
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