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Sara Price

Executive Assistant


Sara Price works as the Executive Assistant at Leapgen. She skillfully manages administrative duties and client relations for her colleagues and superiors. Her hard work and love for the company is truly apparent to all. Sara is based out of the greater Phoenix area but fortunately is always just a click away.

Role & Areas of Expertise

Executive Assistant- I am the keeper of Jason's calendar and manage his travel (maybe again someday?)

I Wish I Were Better at...

Singing. I have always wanted to be a rock star, even though I lack any musical talent!
Always willing to talk about...

Baseball. I am a total baseball mom. Most of my "free" time is spent at the baseball field!
Quirky Fact

I was a competitive figure skater when I was young; from the age of 3 to 13
Spirit Animal

My two pitties Anabelle & Jeter represent my spirit animal: Friendly, super loyal, family-oriented and fun-loving
Pet Peeve

Styrofoam!!! I cannot stand the way it sounds, the way it feels, the way it smells, and will avoid it at all costs.
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