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Sarah Mink

Principal Consultant, Digital Workforce Experience Advisor


Sarah Mink is a Principal Consultant & Client Partner with a drive to ensure leaders and companies inspire their employees to find both passion and purpose in their work. Sarah has over 15 years of expertise in HR transformation, strategy, process optimization, change management, digital enablement, and program management in the retail and hospitality industries.

She has effectively driven and managed large cross-functional teams and programs to deliver on strategic objectives. She is able to bring clarity and structure to ambiguity and has a knack for seeing the big picture and managing the details to deliver with excellence. She loves listening to the big ideas and working with leaders to figure out how to bring them to life.

Prior to joining Leapgen she worked in various roles in consulting, HR, IT, and operations at Protiviti, Vail Resorts and Crocs spanning leadership roles in a variety of business areas: Sr. Director of Training & Operations, Chief of Staff, Director of HR Strategy & Planning, Director of People Analytics & Workforce Management, and Global Systems Manager.

Personally she can be found travelling, in the mountains or cooking dinner for friends and family and lives in Denver, CO with her son and husband.

Role & Areas of Expertise

Principal Consultant & Client Partner HR Strategy, Program Management, Digital Enablement, Design Thinking, Leadership Development

I Wish I Were Better at...

Remembering names of people I meet
Always willing to talk about...

HR Transformation, Leadership, Employee Experience, Coaching, Cooking, Travelling and Skiing
Bad Habit

Reading text messages and not responding for a few days
Unpopular Opinion

Beer - yuck!

Observer - Introverted Decisions made through thinking and combining intuition with facts
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