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Tyler Mullins

Consultant, Workforce Experience Advisor


Tyler Mullins creates better employee experiences by putting people at the center of product and service strategy with collaborative research and design. From hire to retire, he’s led teams and initiatives to define outcomes and deliver solutions across journeys in the employee lifecycle that empower businesses to strategically achieve their objectives in an increasingly digital and distributed future of work.

In the past, he’s used his skills across industries, including social media and global communications at Twitter, healthcare at Humana, and regional and national nonprofits in affordable housing, as well as served two terms in AmeriCorps. Born and raised in rural Appalachia, Tyler attended Morehead State University, an affordable regional college surrounded by the Daniel Boone National Forest, where he studied multimedia communications and social and political philosophy.

He now lives in Louisville with his partner, Zach, and their two corgis, Dino and Astro. Outside of work, you’ll usually find him gardening, baking, painting, or gaming with friends.

Role & Areas of Expertise

Experience strategy, design research, and digital and distributed employee experience

I Wish I Were Better at...

Waiting! Patience is a virtue.
Always willing to talk about...

Anime, manga, webtoons, comics, or games!
Quirky Fact

I’m a southpaw, or left-handed!
Passion Topic

People and purpose to productivity.
Pet Peeve

Meetings without an agenda.
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