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Luminate is Leapgen’s vendor services practice, and these services are absolutely critical to shaping the Now of Work. We can’t change work for good by consulting enterprises on their HR transformation journeys alone; that’s a really good start (and we do a lot of it), but it’s critical we advise and support solution providers making the technology that fuels modern work experiences, too.

Luminate exists to help vendors understand the market and where it’s going, unpack buyer challenges, capture mindshare in the vast landscape of work tech, elevate your product and message in a fast-evolving market, and showcase your solution in the very best light possible. Only by innovating and transforming together can we move the needle on how people work. This is our mission!

That’s why we’re celebrating innovation by announcing a new quarterly list of COOL HR TECH we think everyone should know about. We spend hours reviewing briefings, producing market scans, supporting solution selection for enterprises, combing research and insights, you name it. Basically, we see a LOT of tech; we’re impressed by a LOT of innovation; and we want to SHARE it with you.

This list is not fancy, it’s just ours. There are no rules or politics, it’s what we’ve seen and what we love. If we think it’s cool, we’re going to shout it! For our inaugural list, our Leapgen consultants shared their favorite solutions they’ve seen in the market recently.

We’ll publish a new list of COOL HR TECH every single quarter to celebrate innovation in our space; here goes with our first one in the words of Leapgen consultants:


Artist focuses on bite-sized content conducive to the way most people learn. However, it’s more of a learning tool geared toward custom content development that emphasizes other aspects of adult learning theory, namely assessments that drive what content comes next (i.e., you get this stuff at a 101 level and should now progress to a 201 level). In terms of delivery, they go to where learners are (e.g., SMS, Teams, slack). They just received Series A funding and work with a lot of big names. In addition, one of their focuses is democratizing access to education, which is a noble pursuit.


Eloomi’s take on an LMS and learning experience is simple, clean and intuitive. I really like their learning solution, especially for situations that do not need a compliance focus.


As a personalized employee experience platform, its design, simplicity, functionality and versatility of what you can do with it is comprehensive and intuitive. You can use it as a front door for your employees or just as easily with external clients. The focus on the person and allowing them to use it in a way that’s best for them is impressive. Huler continually adds new functionality, like their recent addition of kudos.


I love the way Reflektive handles employee performance, feedback and goal setting. It’s easy to use but also integrates into employee email so they can make changes and give feedback in the flow of work.


HireEZ focuses on outbound recruiting, or reverse recruiting. This is where the company goes out and finds the exact skills it needs (building their team), and applies to the candidate rather than the candidate applying to the company. In a skills-based economy, this helps recruiters make more intelligent and qualified hiring decisions.


TestGorilla has a CULTURE test that helps to align candidates with the company’s values and open roles. It asks candidates to complete a blank assessment, then it maps their results against the set values of the company to see how their behaviors contribute towards what the company is looking for in a role, etc. (helps with predicting hires, etc).


Many companies struggle with how to manage and use skills data across silos and use it to deliver better career outcomes. Reejig has a unique approach that leverages Machine Learning in a useful way to help make sense of disparate talent data so it can actually be used strategically. It’s also the first independently audited Ethical Talent AI.


Finally, we’re seeing some innovation around WFM! WorkAxle is on the bleeding edge of workforce management and employee recognition. Early adopters will recognize the opportunity to drive real-time insights and agility for the workforce. With innovation around time and geo-fencing using beacon technology, WorkAxle is improving the employee experience through automation.

If you’re a vendor who knows your stuff is earth-moving, show us! If you’re an enterprise who wants to sing praises for a solution you can’t live without, tell us! We want to hear how you’re transforming the Now of Work. Book a briefing with us, tell us your story and share who you want to see featured in the next quarterly list!


Jess Von Bank is an 18-year industry veteran and impassioned evangelist of the modern candidate and employee experience. As both a former recruiting practitioner and an expert in bringing TA Tech and HCM vendor solutions to market, Jess looks to broaden executive mindset to better design and deliver a workforce experience that exceeds the expectations of talent and the needs of the business.

Jess offers specialized expertise in talent acquisition, recruitment marketing, employer branding, DEI&B, brand-building, and storytelling. She is the Head of Marketing for Leapgen, a digital transformation company shaping the Now of Work. She also runs the Now of Work, Leapgen’s global community for HR, Talent, and workforce experience professionals.

Jess is an active community emcee, ambassador for women’s and girls’ organizations, and President of Diverse Daisies, a nonprofit for girls’ enrichment and empowerment. She lives  in Minneapolis, where she races for free swag and raises her 3 daughters.


Luminate, a research and vendor services practice powered by Leapgen, helps digital HR technology providers bring their solutions and message to life. Our bench of marketing strategy and domain experts reinforce modern thinking through thought leadership and content development, act as real-time advisors and coaches in the Now of Work, and provide market insights to deliver value to buyers faster. Luminate helps vendors command mindshare with the right buyers, hone and align value-based messaging to the market, stay ahead of industry and workforce trends, and execute go-to-market strategy in the right places.