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Nearly 60% of HR leaders reported that building critical skills and competencies will be their number one priority in 2022, according to a survey by Gartner, Inc. Recent industry research by Leapgen confirms workers want more from their employers and will not stay if their needs are not met. Organizations must immediately and radically rethink how they hire, listen to, and engage the talent that makes up its workforce. They must also evolve all the ways they support, train and redeploy the workforce.

Cornerstone, a compelling industry leader when it comes to learning and development AND NOW SKILLS, has launched a new platform to help change the game when it comes to people development. Cornerstone Xplor changes not just the learning market but the market for career and new-fashioned talent management. Cornerstone Xplor is a new skills-based, AI-powered, experiential platform designed for internal talent mobility, skills inventory management and career pathing, and it’s available in nearly 20 languages. With more than 75 million users across more than 6,000 learning management, recruiting, talent management, performance management, and content customers, Cornerstone is poised to bring together a very decentralized and fragmented (~$260 Billion learning) market of LMS, LXP, Talent Marketplace, Skills Ontology, and Skills-Based Recruiting solutions under a single platform.

Cornerstone Xplor has the unique opportunity to completely change the buying plans of HR and learning leaders who might otherwise invest in a multitude of standalone products to tackle the workforce retention problem. Xplor also should give the customer bases of both Cornerstone as well as Saba hope that Cornerstone is continuing to innovate and be a leader in the new world of work.  The new Skills Graph capabilities includes 53,000 skills and more than 250 million job roles, and it’s designed to capture other skills data from any document in the company.

The platform is optimized for open content from virtually any online source as well as Cornstone’s Content Anytime library of training as well as Studio and Grovo microlearning content It connects to TalentLink, Cornerstone’s Applicant Tracking and Candidate Marketing System, so it will index, search, and recommend job candidates and deliver a skills-based approach to internal mobility.

Cornerstone has already seen success from global clients like Deutsche Post DHL Group who leverage the platform’s AI-powered capabilities to automatically make recommendations and lend support to employees across their career journey. Proof of course will be once customers truly start their deployment of these capabilities, but we can’t wait to see the continued innovation and opportunity from Cornerstone into their customer base as well as for new customers looking to truly change their talent landscape forever.



Jason Averbook is a global keynote speaker, industry analyst, thought leader and consultant in the area of human resources and workforce experience. He is the Co-founder and CEO of Leapgen, a digital transformation shaping the future of work. Author of The Ultimate Guide to a Digital Workforce Experience ~ Leap for a Purpose, Jason seeks to broaden executive mindset to rethink how to better design and deliver employee services that exceed the expectations of the workforce and the needs of the business.


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