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How Safra Catz, CEO of Oracle, kicked off CloudWorld 2022, the biggest and boldest statement and event we could have seen from one of the largest enterprise software providers in the world. Overflowing two convention centers and filling multiple stages with the biggest customer logos in the world, Oracle shined a bright light on a clear message: CUSTOMERS, CUSTOMERS, CUSTOMERS.

Catz went on to deliver an impeccable opening keynote applauding the transformation progress of organizations like NVIDIA, Oracle Red Bull Racing, Deutsche Bank and more. Larry Ellison, CTO and Oracle Co-Founder, donned the stage in founder’s style to share a visionary keynote focused intensely, almost completely, on the necessary modernization of healthcare and patient health data. Oracle’s appetite for healthcare transformation following its $28.3B acquisition of Cerner in June was only surpassed by its vision for the power of the cloud, not as a walled garden but as a multi-cloud environment supporting open infrastructure. “Being bold is the way to win,” declared Catz. Ellison added, “We have to build a cloud internet…an open platform where others can innovate. We can’t do all this ourselves.”

Oracle also announced a series of products aimed at advancing digital transformation and giving customers better service and more flexibility. With twelve release updates, hundreds of new customers (30% of customers are net new), and 30MM+ users, Oracle continues to make impressive progress empowering customers – HCM customers in particular – to configure highly personalized and connected experiences for their workforce. We heard a lot about the Redwood design studio, the system leveraged by its Oracle Me employee experience solution to offer HR (not IT) capabilities to take personalization to the next level. Redwood is being scaled across the entire suite in 2023. Oracle also announced a Recruiting Booster to help its Oracle Fusion Cloud Recruiting customers further personalize, modernize, and elevate high-touch, responsive candidate experience. Finally, like every other HR technology provider with an eye to the future, Oracle is making plans to assist enterprises in tackling and extending skills throughout the employee lifecycle.

Our short take: Oracle continues to impress with some of the most progressive technology in Human Capital Management. The parade of customers, use cases, success stories, and transformation journeys we saw at CloudWorld was very impressive and needs to continue if they are to overcome customer satisfaction and sales complexity perceptions. Their vision is one of the most compelling, their commitment to analytics and customer success exciting, and their leadership inspiring. Leapgen values Oracle’s thought partnership and shared visions for customer outcomes, and we’re excited to continue driving human-centered HR transformation with Oracle customers in 2023 and beyond.



Jason Averbook is a leading analyst, thought leader and consultant in the area of human resources, the future of work and the impact technology have on that future. He is the Co-founder and CEO of Leapgen, a digital transformation company helping organizations shape their future workplace by broadening executive mindset to rethink how to better design and deliver employee services that meet the expectations of the workforce and the needs of the business.

Prior to founding Leapgen, Jason Averbook served as the CEO of The Marcus Buckingham Company (TMBC). In 2005, he co-founded Knowledge Infusion LLC and served as its CEO until 2012, when the company was sold to Appirio. Earlier in his career, he served as the Chief Business Innovation Officer at Appirio Inc., where he led the HCM business. He has also held senior leadership roles at PeopleSoft and Ceridian Corporation. Jason has more than 20 years of experience in the HR and technology industries and has collaborated with industry-leading companies in transforming their HR organizations into strategic partners.

Jess Von Bank is an 18-year industry veteran and impassioned evangelist of the modern candidate and employee experience. As both a former recruiting practitioner and an expert in bringing TA Tech and HCM vendor solutions to market, Jess looks to broaden executive mindset to better design and deliver a workforce experience that exceeds the expectations of talent and the needs of the business.

Jess offers specialized expertise in talent acquisition, recruitment marketing, employer branding, DEI&B, brand-building, and storytelling. She is the Head of Marketing for Leapgen, a digital transformation company shaping the Now of Work. She also runs the Now of Work, Leapgen’s global community for HR, Talent, and workforce experience professionals.

Jess is an active community emcee, ambassador for women’s and girls’ organizations, and President of Diverse Daisies, a nonprofit for girls’ enrichment and empowerment. She lives in Minneapolis, where she races for free swag and raises her 3 daughters.


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