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UKG, admired provider of HR, payroll, and workforce management solutions for all people, announced an exciting acquisition today. UKG is acquiring Immedis! Our biggest congrats from Mercer | Leapgen. 

Global Payroll is a Big Deal 

This is big news for global payroll. Yes, I said that. Global payroll is a big deal. What might sound purely functional and transactional is really table stakes in multi-country organizations who struggle with the compliance, complexity, and the integration nuances of disconnected systems. For these organizations, payroll isn’t just about crunching numbers and cutting checks. It’s a vital cog in the engine that keeps the business moving forward and a capability that almost every multinational organization in the world struggles with.

Picture this: You’re running a business that spans across several countries, each with its own unique set of rules, regulations, and tax codes. You might even only have 3-5 people in a single country, but they still need to be supported by a comprehensive payroll solution. Sounds like a tricky jigsaw puzzle and almost impossible to solve. That’s where global payroll systems come in, ideally with tight integration to global HCM solutions. A solid global payroll strategy is the key that unlocks the door to seamless consolidation and standardization across all countries where you have employees.

When You Get Payroll Right 

What is the benefit of global payroll that is adaptable, intelligent, and complete in terms of schedule-to-fund? More importantly, why is this a big deal for UKG customers and the market?

A well-designed solution like Immedis that is thoughtfully integrated into the UKG Pro product suite means a significant reduction in errors, overall time saved, and improved compliance across the board. A uniform workflow offers a “single-pane view” across all employees to create one operational standard by which to identify trends or variances. Well-delivered global payroll is like having an expert navigator guiding you through the complex maze of international business.

Global payroll isn’t just about avoiding pitfalls. A robust global payroll solution can also provide real-time data and analytics. We’re talking about deep insights into labor costs, overtime, and employee turnover — the kind of information that can inform strategic decisions about how to locate and staff talent. It’s like having a crystal ball, giving you a glimpse into the inner workings of your organization. Without a unified solution like UKG One View, most organizations struggle to get to this level of transparency and insight.

When Payroll Becomes Strategic 

Administration is a necessary part of running any business. But the more time we spend buried in administrative “hands work,” the less time we have for “hearts work,” or the kind of work that fosters an environment where your employees feel valued and satisfied. It’s about making sure that every single employee, no matter where they are in the world, is paid accurately and on time and feels a sense of control over the most important part of their employee experience. This is where global payroll solutions really shine. Streamlining and simplifying an employee’s payment process contributes massively to enhancing their employee experience. And, as we all know, happy employees generally make for a successful business.

Global payroll solutions also help us keep our finger on the pulse of risk management. They provide the transparency we need to stay up to speed with changing tax laws and employment regulations across different jurisdictions. There is NO organization in the world that does this well. If we are ever going to move the people function forward, now is the time.

Integrating a modern, global payroll technology platform, like what UKG just did with its acquisition of Immedis, is like recruiting a super-powered sidekick or copilot for your HR transformation journey. This solution set offers efficiency, provides crucial business insights, enhances employee experience, and helps manage risk.

As you think about global payroll, which most of Mercer Leapgen’s thousands of customers are, remember this: It’s not just a back-office function. It is an essential piece of the puzzle for every multinational organization in the world today. With today’s acquisition announcement, UKG repositioned themselves overnight from a North American company that does some work outside the US to a robust solution provider built for global business and with global capabilities at its product core.

Congratulations to UKG on a brilliant acquisition. Read more in the UKG press release. We look forward to sharing more details to come in the upcoming weeks. 




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