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Amsted Industries
Manufacturing | Employee Owned | $4B Revenue | 75 Locations | 10 countries across 6 continents

Created Central HR for this Complex Global Organization.


Mercer | Leapgen’s partnership with Amsted Industries began when the AI team became interested in delivering centralized HR services to their various businesses in a more scalable and consistent way. Mercer | Leapgen partnered with top HR leaders to develop the mindset and vision for Digital HR, identify competitive differentiators for HR, and ultimately define a practical roadmap to make that vision a reality.


The guiding principles developed by the Mercer | Leapgen and Amsted Industries HR teams (Accessible, Evolving, Integrated, Intuitive and Simple) led to two key foundational decisions that informed the approach. The first, to help achieve simplicity and integration, was to explore using the Core HCM provider as a first option for all HR capabilities going forward. This led to a seamless environment where employees don’t need to navigate across solutions and the HR administration required to maintain it was greatly reduced. The second, to ensure solutions were intuitive and accessible, was to lead with holistic journey and process design informed by the voice of the employee to be completed BEFORE any configuration decisions were made. This ultimately led to the adoption of new capabilities throughout the business.



interviews plus additional survey data delivered a 360 perspective on employee experience

Reduction in the complexity of the Digital HR landscape and the administration required to maintain

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Improved HR functional capabilities in recruiting, onboarding, HCM, performance, development, compensation, succession and learning

Single source of truth for all HR and People Data


Over two years later, the Amsted team has successfully executed on the vision that they built out with the Mercer | Leapgen team and are beginning to think about their operating model and measurement strategy for ROI – Run, Optimize & Innovate to ensure they are continuously improving on their strong foundation and great employee experience.

“The guiding principles that we developed with Mercer | Leapgen’s assistance helped us as an organization become very aligned, and in all three years of our transformation, we’ve kept the vision and these guiding principles at the forefront of absolutely every conversation and everything we’ve done relative to this journey.”
— Amsted Industries —