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Food & Beverage Company | 290,000+ Employees Globally | Operates in 200 countries | 20 + Brands | Based in the US

A True Activation of Technology.


Foundational design oversight was needed to help establish this company’s newly formed Enterprise Service Management Team and define requirements to inform the implementation of a new enterprise services delivery platform. We developed overall alignment with business needs and priorities to set a multi-year roadmap to digitally transform service delivery for IT and Global Business Services (GBS), including the business functions of HR, Marketing & Insights, Commercial Sales, Financial Control, and Financial Planning. Leapgen also designed and deployed an Enterprise Service Management Governance & Team Model to support the enterprise ServiceNow platform in an agile way. All work was rooted in Leapgen’s human-centered design methodology focused on identifying the moments that matter to create a great digital employee experience.  


Due to Leapgen’s successful track record of digital transformation with multiple vendors in complex environments, we were able to design very custom solutions. We don’t subscribe to a one size fits all methodology, so our flexible and agile team-style approach worked well in this partnership. Leapgen’s industry-leading experience design team brought human-centered design capabilities while their change team built an agile framework for change enablement. We helped establish a global service management model and mindset to drive consistency and efficiency across all GBS entities. We helped create a truly global “service enterprise.”



Agile delivery with 6-week continuous improvement sprints, supported by agile change framework


ServiceNow for HR and Marketing & Insights deployed to over 300,000 employees with additional business functions on the way

Professional new hire onboarding program deployed globally


Leapgen helped this company align on the Vision for Enterprise Service Management and Digital Workforce Experience across global senior leadership, which then helped them design and deploy a scalable digital employee experience for their diverse workforce. Additionally, our intentional voice of the employee research influenced design for HR, M&I, and IT services and was the backbone of the success of this project. Our three-year partnership with this Food & Beverage giant has steered them towards their goals of being better, faster, and stronger than ever.

“Leapgen brings perspective that challenges the way that organizations typically think about the digital evolution in HR. They do this in such a way that feels completely customized to the company vs. "out of the box" templates. They also aren't afraid to get their hands dirty and 'do'”
— PepsiCo —

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