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American Cloud-Based Software Company & Customer Relationship Management (CRM Service) | 49,000+ Employees | Global

Transformed to a Digital HR Operating Model.


Mercer | Leapgen conducted a multi-workstream program to guide this Software company’s transformation to a digital HR operating model. This work comprised an effort to precede and overlap with the planned “Phase 0” of preparatory activities for the re-implementation of Workday, as well as the introduction of a new digital operating model, change management capability, and governance capacity for the overarching digital employee experience. 


Because of Mercer | Leapgen’s extensive HR technology expertise, they wanted to work with a deep HR Innovation expert who could complement the efforts of their IT consulting firm who was developing an ERP technology strategy while also being vendor-agnostic. This assisted in the approach to strategy, prioritization, and design.


18-24 mos

Developed a plan to regularly update their HCM solution (compared to their past tendency of being 18-24 months behind the latest release)

16 to 1

Reduced the number of maintained cloud HCM tenants from 16 to 1


Reduced the size of the IT support team for HCM by 50%


Figured out a way to scale for double employee/workforce size with HR services team of 150 people


Mercer | Leapgen defined workforce experience vision and guiding principles for the program team to govern the workforce experience tool  implementation. We also completely rethought, standardized, and streamlined processes and  acceleration of system configuration decisions which truly benefited the company as a whole. Mercer | Leapgen was able to redesign processes and provide change management-related recommendations to drive adoption and ensure value of solutions for this partner.